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Wool Cutting Pad – 6 Inch


A versatile, powerful, easy-to-use wool cutting pad is a great addition to your maintenance kit. This Maxshine pad is adept at getting great results on everything from hard Euro paints to softer Japanese varieties, removing swirls and scratches with ease.

These pads are constructed using fine imported German foam and wool fibres, mounted on a firm torsional backing plate. This is one robust piece of kit that is resistant to shredding and breakage. Backed up with heat resistance treatment and a durable design, the Maxshine Wool Cutting Pad is something you can rely on.

All of these ultra high-quality elements show in the finished article, as you achieve professional-grade cutting on your vehicle. What’s more, you can achieve all of this while still securing great value for money.

Possibly one of the Best Wool Cutting Pads on the market today!

From Cutting Hard Euro Paints to Soft Japanese, this Maxshine DA Wool Cutting Pad will slice through Swirls and Paint defects like Butter

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