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Skyclub Sky Aviation
+64 21 386 824
45 Hardy Street, Nelson, NZ  &  36 Arthur Street, Blenheim, NZ

We are focused on providing the best range of products and services to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We strive to ensure that our products and services are delivered with outstanding quality, value for money and instil the pride of ownership.


We have an Ozone Machine that cleans any surface and removes any odour. We can use it under the hood to clean the engine bay or inside the car on the upholstery. it’s very powerful and effective.

We also have a steam machine that cuts through the toughest of grime.. It reaches all the hard to get places and won’t damage the paintwork. This process will save you time and make your car look new.

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Paint Correction

Sky Automotive is Nelson’s #1 Automotive Detailing Service. So you can trust us when it comes to your cars paint! We offer a few options for your vehicle, which is know as Paint Correction or a Cut and Polish.

Over time your Clear Coat (top layer of your car’s surface) gets beat up by different elements whether it be from car washes, road debris to the harmful sun.

With our paint correction service, we focus on making your car shine once again.

Our services are designed for any car and owner, from daily drivers to car enthusiasts, we are here to serve you. Please look through our list and pick what fits your needs.

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When it comes to the interior of your car, there are many factors that can go into the time it can take to clean your car.

  1. Cleaning Frequency
  2. Where you live
  3. Pets
  4. Children
  5. Eating or smoking in your car
  6. Weather

This is why we suggest that you bring your car down to our shop, so we can properly assess your interior. This allows us to give you the best and most competitive pricing.

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Our colour correct paint chip repairs neatly blend with the existing finish on your vehicle.

It’s our ‘Spray and Wipe’ Automotive Paint Stone Chip Repair Process that sets us apart. The SMART Chip (Small Area Repair Technology)

The ‘Final Touch’ process is unique in its ability to achieve an exceptionally smooth chip repair. What’s more, it has been setting the benchmark for the SMART Paint repair industry in New Zealand and around the world since 1993.

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You may need headlight restoration if:

  • You’re having trouble seeing the road at night.
  • Your headlights are yellowing.
  • Your headlights look cloudy.
  • Not passing your warrant of fitness.

What Can I Expect?

Once our team has restored your headlights, they will be back in as new condition!

The covering on your lenses breaks down over time (from UV light) becoming yellowed and dull, significantly diminishing the distance your headlights can throw a visible beam. To achieve a long-lasting, resilient finish, you need to remove the old faded coating. This is where we come in!

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• Superior results to traditional detailing

• A low-cost alternative to repainting

• 100% satisfaction guaranteed

• Safe for the environment

• Completely restorative and permananent

This evolutionary technology reverses the signs of fading and damage, completely restoring a paint finish to its original state. Unlike anything else in the market, RestorFX delivers showroom-quality, without the high cost of repainting.

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