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Seven Reasons To Tint Your Windows
PRIVACY – It will help you to look after your belongings.
FADING – They will protect your car interior. Reduces fading.
SAVE OF FUEL – Keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.
GLARE – Prevents glare and eases driving fatigue.
UV PROTECTION – It can help prevent skin damage and UV rays.
SAFETY & SECURITY – window films will hold shattered glass together reducing injuries.
CUSTOM LOOK – Give your vehicle an edge.
Tinting Shades Available
Setting the standards

Our quality guarantee and Lifetime Warranty is what sets Sky Automotive apart from other window tint companies here in Nelson. This means if there is ever a problem with the film quality under the warranty terms provided, we will immediately replace the film with no questions asked.

We guarantee our customers the best possible service and after installation guarantees in the window tinting industry.



1. What are the legal laws for tint in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, it is illegal to go darker than 35% VLT on MA class vehicles.

2. Does my tint have a warranty?

Yes – Our Film comes with a transferable lifetime warranty. The warranty covers any peeling, bubbling, cracking, or turning purple that may occur. We also offer a lifetime warranty on any installation issues that may cause blemishes or premature film failure such as bubbling, fingering, or peeling.

3. How long until I can roll my windows down after they are tinted?

You must wait 48 hours after your car is tinted to roll your windows down.

4. Am I still going to be able to see once my windows are tinted?

Everyone’s eyes are different, therefore we can not guarantee clear sight during all conditions once your windows are tinted. The darker shades do cause some visibility issues, but it depends on the person’s vision at the end of the day.

5. Is the tint on the outside of my windows or the inside?

Window film is applied to the inside of your windows.

6. How long until I can wash my car?

You can wash the exterior of your car immediately after your appointment. However, you must wait one week to wipe the inside of your windows and make sure you do not use any ammonia-based products.

7. What can I use to clean the windows with now that they are tinted?

Anything ammonia free is safe to use on your windows.


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