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Paint Protection Film is a proven solution that protects the gloss and shine on the car caused by natural weather conditions. UV rays can damage the car’s paint, making it look dirty and dull or sometimes even scorch the paint of the roof, making the scratches of birds dropping and stubborn dirt appear more prominent.

  1. Durable
  2. Clean
  3. Finish
  4. Protecting Paint
  5. Easier To Clean
  6. High Gloss Finish
  7. Superior Clarity
  8. Edge Seal Technology
  9. Maximum Durability
Peace Of Mind!

Paint Protection Film is the long-lasting protection for your vehicle you’ve been searching for. Our nearly invisible film is applied to the painted surfaces of your car to protect it from road debris such as rocks, bugs, salt, and more.


How long will you need my vehicle for?

For Paint Protection Film we will need your vehicle for an absolute minimum of two days. However, it varies on the amount of coverage you are getting. A full car wrap takes more time than just a bumper.

How long will the Paint Protection Film last?

The Paint Protection Film is guaranteed ten years.

How should I clean my car now & with what products?

Touch-less car washes where it only shoots the water & soap – not the brushes, are okay.

Porsche, 911, 2004

Porsche 911

Porsche 911


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