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Foam Polishing Pads – 3 inch



  1. Best value: The Maxshine 3″ Foam Polishing Pad Kit includes all the needed cutting, polishing and finishing pads to complete a full paint correction. This set Includes two of each pad.

  2. High Quality: The polishing pads are constructed from the highest quality foam material. A strong adhesive glaze is used to secure the velcro backing to the pad for long term use and to prevent it from delaminating.

  3. Easy to use: Effectively remove scratches and swirls from the tight areas on your vehicle. The pad dissipates high heat and can safely remove heavy to medium scratches, swirls and other defects from the paint.

  4. Proper use: After polishing wash and store the pads with a pad cleaner or by rinsing in water. Achieve the best results when used with Maxshine cutting compound and other polishes.

Package Including:

2PCS Green Cutting Foam Pad: Φ3.15-3.54 x 1 inches

2PCS Yellow Polishing Foam Pad: Φ3.15-3.54 x 1 inches

2PCS White Finishing Foam Pad: Φ3.15-3.54 x 1 inches


Size: 76*25mm/3″


Material:Sponge foam

Style:Cutting foam pad,Polishing foam pad,Finishing foam pad


The Maxshine 3″ Foam Polishing Pad Kit is loaded with all the polishing pads you will need for your next paint correction. It includes 2PC Cutting pad, 2PC Polishing pad and 2PC Finishing pad to ensure you will achieve the greatest results by leaving behind a shiny and glossy finish.

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