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Utility Universal Detailing Cart



  1. Maxshine Utility Universal Detailing Cart with Wheels Ideal for Placing Detailing Tool

  2. Maxshine Utility Universal Detailing Cart serves as a useful cart for you to place and organize your compounds, wash pad, wash sponge, or wash mitt, polishers when you working.

  3. Maxshine Utility Universal Detailing Cart comes with 4 stands on two shelves for you to organize compound, foam cannon and spray nozzles in order, and more spaces provide easy access to tools and keep them safe for storage.

  4. Durable plastic legs are easy to install and will not rust. Push handle on each side provides versatility.

  5. Dimensions (L x W x H): 66x33x77cm, there are three shelves and if you run out of garage storage, you could use this cart as a rolling toolbox.

The products on the cart are just for reference.

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