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Detailing Clay Mitt



  • It is truly unlike others, offering 80/20 re-washable microfiber that delivers
    the same level of softness even after numerous washes. Your car will enjoy
    a silky smooth paint finish every time.
  • TIME-SAVING: Red Chenille Detailing Clay Mitt enables you to clay the entire
    car in a fraction of the time that a traditional clay bar would take
  • HIGH-QUALITY: Uses an advanced chenille and clay, which is best at removing
    above-surface contaminants
  • CONVENIENT: One of the greatest advantages of this special clay mitt is
    that its incredibly easy to use without leaving any scratching.


Color: Red

Size: 28 x 20 x 3cm

Hair Length: 3cm


Maxshine CHENILLE CLAY MITT is the combination of our Chenille Wash Mitt and Magic Clay Mitts designed for multiple uses.

This mitt is far softer than the normal clay mitt because of the incredibly absorbent microfiber we used in the backside of its design.

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