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45 Hardy Street, Nelson, NZ  &  36 Arthur Street, Blenheim, NZ
Spot the difference?

This evolutionary technology reverses the signs of fading and damage, completely restoring a paint finish to its original state. Unlike anything else in the market, RestorFX delivers showroom-quality, without the high cost of repainting.

Completely restorative and permanent*

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The covering on your lenses breaks down over time (from UV light) becoming yellowed and dull, signi-cantly diminishing the distance your headlights can throw a visible beam. To achieve a long-lasting, resil-ient nish, you need to remove the old faded coating

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Paint Touch-Ups

We use paint pens or brushes to fill in the missing paint imperfections. We then smooth the added paint, which helps it to match the existing OEM paint.

Our colour correct paint chip repairs neatly blend with the existing finish on your vehicle. It’s our ‘Spray and Wipe’ Automotive Paint Stone Chip Repair Process that sets us apart. The SMART Chip (Small Area Repair Technology) ‘Final Touch’ process is unique in its ability to achieve an exceptionally smooth chip repair.

What’s more, it has been setting the benchmark for the SMART Paint repair industry in New Zealand and around the world since 1993.

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We use an airbrush paint smart chip repair system developed by Final Touch. Where others use paint pens or brushes that leave an unsightly bulge.

Airbrushing, however, gives a smooth, blended look – every time. We spray colour matched paint into the paint chip in layers, allowing each coat to dry. We then smooth the Finish back to match the existing OEM paint.

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plastic trim

It’s one of the first things you notice on an older vehicle, all the previously black body trims have faded under the sun and it doesn’t seem to matter what you do, they never come up as good as you’d like.

Our sun is harsh here in New Zealand and can damage your vehicles body trim quite quickly. We use leading technologies to restore the deep black to your beauty.

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